Aspects of the Work Environment

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Employees’ work environments are very complex, encompassing topics such as culture, work-life fit, flexible work arrangements, psychological safety, transparent communication, cohesion between employees, combatting bullying, and the ergonomics of employees’ workspaces. Workplace culture is an overarching topic that affects many other aspects of employees’ work environments. Culture in the workplace, as well as both the benefits and how to create a positive workplace culture, is looked at more in-depth in “Workplace Culture.” 

In “Work-Life Fit,” employees will see the difference between work-life balance and work-life fit. Check out the examples of how employees can improve work-life fit and how workplaces can become more supportive of employees’ work-life fit. There are many different formats of workdays that allow employees to be equally successful and productive as they are working in the office. These formats, and additional resources and tips, are reviewed in “Flexible Work Arrangements.” 

It is important for employees to feel safe to be their full selves at their workplaces, including their different identities, and “Psychological Safety” goes deeper into this topic. “Transparent Communication” discusses openly sharing information to allow employees to see the why behind the words. Team building at work provides many benefits and helps employees work well together. “Boosting Workplace Cohesion” reviews how to create a cohesive workplace and the role team-building activities can play. Bullying can make it mentally, emotionally, or physically challenging for employees to work. “Toward a Positive Workplace: Combatting Workplace Bullying” discusses bullying in the workplace and how to prevent it. “Ergonomics” looks at the role employees’ physical environment can play in their work, health, and wellness, as well as how to improve employees’ workspaces. These sections are important for employees and supervisors in working together to create a healthier workplace.

Aspects of the work environment to consider:

  1. Workplace Culture
  2. Work-Life Fit
  3. Flexible Work Arrangements
  4. Psychological Safety
  5. Transparent Communication
  6. Boosting Workplace Cohesion
  7. Combating Workplace Bullying
  8. Ergonomics

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