Benefits of Well-being Programs

Employee well-being and wellness indicator checklist - Physical, Emotional, Social, Financial

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Workplace wellness programs have many benefits for employees and employers alike. Some of the key benefits are lower healthcare costs, reduced absenteeism, and increased morale, which lead to higher employee retention and higher employee satisfaction (University of Michigan, 2001).

At a Glance

Organizational Benefits (University of Michigan, 2001; Drevits, n.d.):

  • Lower healthcare costs 
  • Less absenteeism 
  • Less turnover 
  • Better employee productivity 
  • Better employee work performance 
  • Inspires teamwork 

Employee Benefits:

  • Less likely to get sick 
  • Less stressed
  • Better work performance 
  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Better productivity 
  • Inspires teamwork 


University of Michigan. (2001, July 5). Investing in a healthy workforce to control health care costs 

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