Workplace Bullying Grid


A respectful workplace strategy is most effective when comprehensive and detailed information is available about workplace bullying in the organization.

What This Tool Allows You To Do

This tool works as a reporting mechanism for workplace bullying at your organization. It allows you to:

  1. Track the incidence of workplace bullying by bullying type and severity
  2. Create a visual representation (graph) of the data
  3. Print a copy of the graph when complete

You may create any number of graphs for different departments and time intervals.

Your Privacy

No information you input will be retained by this application.

Create An Organizational Profile

Enter your organization name and (if applicable) your department name. Then select the sources of workplace bullying that you would like to include in your graphs.

Please give an Organization Name.

Which of the following bullying sources are present in your workplace?*

Are any other sources of bullying present in your workplace?

Track Bullying Incidents

Define the time period to be covered, then click a bullying source to begin. Use the sliders to tell the number of times an incident happened, then click another source. When you are finished, click Next to view a graphical representation of your data.

Workplace Bullying Sources

The graph can be used to show the frequency and types of incidents to assist in improving your workplace as you go through the process of developing a respectful workplace strategy.

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