Time Away is Important

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Taking time away from work, in the forms of breaks, vacation time, or strengthening boundaries around employees’ workdays, is important. Breaks throughout employees’ days have many benefits. Take a closer look in “Breaks During the Workday.” Employees should also remember to take a break for lunch. The section “Paying Attention During Meals” walks employees through how to maximize lunch breaks, as well as the benefits from doing so. Taking vacation time, whether vacationing away or staying at home, helps employees increase their productivity and improve their health. “Vacation Time” goes into detail about these benefits and the steps employees can take to get the most out of their vacation time. This information is important for both supervisors and employees in order to work toward supporting employees and creating a healthier workplace.

Three times to consider:

  1. Breaks During the Workday
  2. Paying Attention During Meals
  3. Vacation Time

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