Employee’s Guide

The Employee’s Guide reflects what targets of workplace bullying and harassment have told us about their experience, and sets out what employees can do, individually and collectively, when they become aware of bullying issues in their workplace. It will also be of value to co-workers, friends, and family members of people who are being targeted at work. These are often first people targets tell or ask for advice or support.

Employee’s Guide

Organizations’ Guide

The Organizations’ Guide will be of interest to chief executive officers and chief administrative officers, managers, human resources personnel; respectful workplace, joint health and safety, and wellness committees; owners/operators; employee and family assistance programs, unions, and owner/operators of small to mid-sized enterprises. While this section highlights some of the major components of a workplace bullying reduction plan, it is a template. Each workplace will need to customize the approach to fit its own circumstances, with the help of appropriate in-house or external expertise.

Organization’s Guide

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