MSU Pledge of Commitment to Community

At Michigan State University, we strive to be a respectful, inclusive and diverse community, embracing and enriched by our own uniqueness, differences, and varied needs. Throughout the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the wide range of consequences experienced by our community members has been highlighted in many ways, both challenging and revealing.

We have an opportunity to construct a more humane, compassionate and respectful community that truly enacts the principles of valuing equity, diversity and inclusion – not just in words, but in how we respond to the current situation and one another.

Please join us in showing your support for the wellbeing of our entire community by signing the Pledge of Commitment to Community, honoring all community members and their unique needs and strategies at this challenging time.

This statement of commitment to our community recognizes and honors our value of one another, and calls upon each of us to be our best for the good of our community as a whole. It is intended to draw our attention to and acknowledge the fact that we are not alone in creating a caring community and campus environment for work and learning, and that we must honor and respect the diverse needs and health considerations of all for any of us to be healthy. This personal commitment helps to ensure our health and safety and that of our colleagues, families, friends and visitors to campus. It is essential to consider the disparate impacts the pandemic is having on specific demographic groups – racial, ethnic, age, gender, disability/medical conditions, and various family configurations. We must be flexible in difficult times and take care of our community as well as ourselves.

To this end,

I will respectfully consider the disparate impacts the pandemic is having on specific demographic groups – racial, ethnic, age, gender, disability/medical conditions, identities, and various family configurations. I will refrain from judgment when the situations of others differ from mine, or from my opinion. When working with my colleagues, I will be empathetic, flexible, and realize that they might be facing a challenge or unspoken circumstance of which I am not aware. I will endeavor to honor their lives and experiences with respect and dignity, as I hope they will respect mine. Together, we will weather the storm, survive and thrive.

I acknowledge and agree to these principles, and along with my community, commit myself to them.

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Pledge of Commitment to Community

85 signatures = 1% of goal

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Our Progress

So far, 85 individuals have signed the pledge with a goal of 13000 signatures.

All names have been hidden unless signatory typed their name in the public field above.

Latest Signatures
85 Laurie Briseno Laurie Briseno Oct 11, 2021
84 RIA SINGH RIA SINGH Aug 29, 2021
83 Renee Sanders Aug 10, 2021
82 Remington Rice Dr. Remington Rice Aug 09, 2021
81 Elaine Palm Jul 28, 2021
80 Emily Guerrant Jul 27, 2021
79 Dar Swiler Jul 15, 2021
78 Amanda Leatherberry Amanda Leatherberry Jul 01, 2021
77 Renee Brown Renee Brown Jun 29, 2021
76 Heather Shea Heather Shea Jun 29, 2021
75 Ian McDonald Ian McDonald Jun 25, 2021
74 Michael Sanders Jun 21, 2021
73 Jane Meland Jane Marie Meland Jun 18, 2021
72 Cheryl D. Williams-Hecksel May 12, 2021
71 Stacey Nye Stacey Nye Apr 21, 2021
70 Elizabeth Wheeler Mar 25, 2021
69 Vicki Essenmacher Vicki Essenmacher Mar 24, 2021
68 Amanda Zhang Mar 24, 2021
67 Angela Hunt Angela Hunt Mar 24, 2021
66 Kim Kittleman Mar 24, 2021
65 X liu Mar 24, 2021
64 Mary Passage Mar 24, 2021
63 Becky Jo Farrington Mar 24, 2021
62 Michael Cui Michael Cui Mar 24, 2021
61 devante kennedy devante kennedy Mar 24, 2021
60 Amy Carnahan Amy Carnahan Mar 24, 2021
59 Jesse Klinger Mar 24, 2021
58 Yangfan Liu Mar 24, 2021
57 Steven Kaatz Steven Kaatz Mar 24, 2021
56 Teresa Elliott Mar 24, 2021
55 Sue Sipkovsky Mar 24, 2021
54 Pamela Jones Mar 24, 2021
53 Jackie Heymann Mar 24, 2021
52 Yitian Zhuang Yitian Zhuang Mar 24, 2021
51 Maria Giggy Mar 24, 2021
50 Linda Barrows Anonymous Mar 24, 2021
49 Sharon Reasoner Sharon Reasoner Mar 24, 2021
48 Heather Hazzard Mar 24, 2021
47 Nicole Kokx Nicole Noel Kokx Mar 24, 2021
46 Amy Porter Mar 03, 2021
45 Mercy Chepkwony Jan 21, 2021
44 Karen Springer Karen Springer Jan 14, 2021
43 Beth Lindley Jan 08, 2021
42 Lisa Kelley Lisa Kelley Jan 08, 2021
41 Teresia Hagelberger Dec 15, 2020
40 Rob Sumbler Rob Sumbler Dec 12, 2020
39 Michelle Hatta Michelle Dec 07, 2020
38 Calli Miller Calli Miller Dec 06, 2020
37 Chelsey Eimer Chelsey Eimer Dec 04, 2020
36 Ann Austin Ann E. Austin Dec 02, 2020
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